Some Jackass at the Weedeater show.  Taken by www.johnprolly.com

(via negativepleasure)

Close nuff. anaphylactic:  monogen:  (via fuckedmentality)  :D

Every once in a while you see some shit that blows your mind. “Hi! Found your blog through http://canthateenough.blogspot.com/ This is a shitty picture but I’ll send it anyways.It’s the back from a leather vest a guy had at a The Kristet Utseende gig in malmö two years ago.I have no idea who the guy was but I felt I needed to take a picture of it.”Sent by Pierre from Hässleholm.  Epic.(via suicidewatch)

From Punk Rock Tess in NYC

Found on Gnarlitude Jen’s blog.  http://www.gnarlitude.com/

melisthebastard:  livefastdie:(via negativepleasure)

(via negativepleasure)

I know it’s not a jacket but that shirt’s definitely homemade.

All images from endless blockades

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